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SharePointBlog said...

Hi Mike,
It was great attending your classes last month.
I look forward to be in touch with you via this blog atleast.
You must be aware of this fact that I'll be a regular visitor to your blog and am even trying to provide few links on my blog.

Keep up the good effort !!!

Mike Smith said...


Just found your blog! My have you been busy! Good stuff there. For anyone else who would like to take a look, go here: http://neerajch.blogspot.com/


Brian Reeves said...


Do you have a Twitter/Facebook account? 'Mark Smith' is a pretty common name. ;)

I'd love to get the word out about you. Great info for the SharePoint Community!

Mike Smith said...


No Twitter or Facebook. I barely have time for my classes and this blog!

Thanks for your kind comments.

And it's Mike, not Mark! (both are too common!)

Mike Smith

Jeffrey Stanley said...

It was a great experience attending your class for the second time. After working with SharePoint for 2 years and then reattending your class I was able to fill in many blackholes. Also, your ability to understand situations and apply them to real world experience increased my knowledge on how MOSS could improve how my organization does document management and communication.

Anonymous said...

This blog is added in my favorites. Great helping Mike.

PaulT said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for a great site. Tons of useful stuff!

I have tried posting a comment on one of your earlier blogs (http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2009/03/sharepoint-past-due-late-tasks-in-task.html) but it doesn’t seem to be working (i.e. it doesn’t display in the ‘posts’ section. Just wondering if it got through.


Mike Smith said...


I got your post and responded. All of the posts are "moderated" to keep the evil spammers out! I try to get to them the same day, but sometimes it will take a few days...


Chandra Nadukula said...

Hi Mike,

I did not know how to get in touch with you, and found this is the only way. You've solved one of problems in creating line breaks between subquestions on SharePoint at the following link!

Can please provide me with a similar script that would help me embedd HTML into my Overview page too?

You Reply is greatly appreciated. And once again I thank you for providing me a solution for my Problem.


Mike Smith said...


That's an easy one! Especially as I am working on a book on site customization tricks for site owners and wrote up how to do this last week.

1. Display the survey (the overview.aspx page) and click "Site Actions", "Edit Page"
2. Click "Add a web part" and add a Content Editor Web Part
3. Edit the web part and add your text, hyperlinks and images

I don't remember if you are using SharePoint 2007 or 2010. If 2010, you cannot edit the text in the CEWP as the ribbon is not displayed for 2010 surveys. Instead, you will need to store your HTML in a text file, upload the file to a library, then edit the CEWP and add the link to the text file to the Content Link box.


Husta said...

Hi Mike,

I have taken several of your classes and hope you can help with this one. In a SharePoint WSS survey, I am trying to change the toolbar button text "Respond to this Survey" to say "Ask a Question". I googled this looking for solutions using Designer, but couldn't find anything concrete. Any suggestions?

Thank you - Angie

Mike Smith said...


> change the toolbar button text "Respond to this Survey" to say "Ask a Question"

That should be an easy one, and good timing too as I'm just wrapping up the chapter on survey customization. I'll post a blog article on how to do that in the next day or two.


Mike Smith said...


The solution is here:


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