Replacement HTML Editor for SharePoint

You are probably aware that the rich text editor supplied with SharePoint does not work with non-Internet Explorer browsers and that there is a free replacement editor from www.telerik.com. If you need more features, then take a look at their "Full Featured" version. To see how it compares to the built-in editor and to see the differences between the free and paid versions see: http://www.telerik.com/documents/RadEditorMOSS_Feature_Comparison.pdf The following comments are about the free version... Positives:
  • Free! (The "lite" version anyway)
  • Works with most browsers, including FireFox, Netscape and with some limitations, Safari.
  • Has a search box, the Image Manager, to find pictures in SharePoint libraries. (this alone might be worth the upgrade) (only works with MOSS, not WSS)
  • Has a HyperLinks Properties panel with a Browse button to browse to any content in your site collection.
  • Includes a "Format Stripper" button to remove various formatting information included with Copy and Paste operations including Font, Word Formatting, All HTML and CSS.


  • Not out of the box SharePoint, and could be impacted by future SharePoint service packs and versions.
  • Does not work in SharePoint Basic Pages - these still include the built-in editor.
  • Does not work with "HTML Fields" and the Content Editor Web Part.
  • The default use will show the RadEditor in non-IE browsers and the built-in Editor in IE browsers. You can enable a second feature to display the RadEditor in both types of browsers.
  • Something else to add to your disaster recovery planning documention. (You do have this don't you?) You will have to reinstall after rebuilding a server.
  • It has to be turned on at the site level. So once installed it will have to be turned on for every site and sub-site. Their FAQ has the steps change the Feature to the Site Collection (web) level.
Are you using this editor? Please let me know how well it has worked for you and any issues, and fixes, you have found.

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