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Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Where’s Site Settings This Week?

SharePoint Online is kind of like the weather in Cincinnati… if you don’t like it, hang around, it will change.

Where’s Site Settings?

It depends… today, 10/23/2017 it’s here:

  • Classic UI pages: It’s where it has always been… in the Settings (gear) menu.
  • Modern UI pages: It’s…  Settings (gear), Site Info, Site Information, and then at the bottom of the popup panel, click “View all site settings”.
  • Modern UI Site Contents page: Top right corner, click Settings

I wonder will it will be next week?

Purpose of the change?

No real clue… If it was to surface the most often used Site Settings, they are not the ones I use most often. Are the most often used options on your list Delete Site, rename the site or change the description or icon.



SharePoint: I Just Love Consistency! SharePoint, Not So Much


SharePoint 2016 is so similar to SharePoint Online / Office 365 that it’s sometimes hard to tell which version you are in. I just ran across an odd change from the past versions. How do you share or break inheritance on a list item?

The steps are different and the end results are different. And I thought 2016 was supposed to be SharePoint Online brought onsite.


SharePoint 2013

  • Shared With is available in the ITEMS ribbon and the ribbon of the View Properties page.
  • The “…” menu has a Shared With option:
  • The above link takes you to the Shared With popup.


SharePoint Online / Office 365

  • Shared With is available in the ITEMS ribbon and the ribbon of the View Properties page.
  • The “…” menu has a Share option:
  • The above link takes you to the Shared With popup.


SharePoint 2016

  • Shared With is grayed out in the ITEMS ribbon, but is available in the ribbon of the View Properties page.
  • The “…” menu has an Advanced popout that has a Manage Permissions option:image
  • The above link takes you to the user.aspx Permissions page.



I write training materials and really wish I was paid by the word or page! These detail differences waste hours and complicate training!




SharePoint Dev Class 20488 in Two Weeks


I'll be presenting the 20488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions class in two weeks, actually a week and a half (time flies!). February 16th, 2015. We've set up this class for both local and remote students. Online students will be able to view the class and have remote access to the lab computers.

Just as a little incentive, when you register enter my code of "TTN50" and get a $50 discount on the class.

Details here:

MS-20488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

In this 5 day instructor-led course, students learn core skills that are common to almost all SharePoint development activities. These include working with the server-side and client-side object models, developing and deploying features, solutions, and apps, managing identity and permissions, querying and updating list data, managing taxonomy, using workflow to manage business processes, and customizing the user interface.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Design and manage features and solutions.
  • Develop code for custom server-side components.
  • Manage and customize authentication and authorization.
  • Create custom sites and lists and manage the site lifecycle.
  • Explain the capabilities and design choices for SharePoint apps.
  • Use the client-side object model and the REST API.
  • Develop provider-hosted and auto-hosted SharePoint apps.
  • Distribute and deploy SharePoint apps.
  • Create custom workflows to automate business processes.
  • Use fields and content types to manage taxonomy.
  • Customize the appearance and behavior of user interface elements.
  • Customize navigation and site branding.

More details at




Big change in SharePoint Certification Options


New Certification Path for SharePoint 2013 Administrators

In the past to get the SharePoint 2013 admin certification you had to be Windows Server 2012 certified (a big step). Now the two exams associated with course 20346 (70-346 and 70-347) can be used in place of the Server 2012 certs.

For comparison:

  • The Server 2012 certification, MCSA: Windows Server 2012 - Solutions Associate, requires three exams: 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412.
  • The Office 365 certification, MCSA: Office 365 - Solutions Associate, only requires two exams:
    • Exam 70-346 - Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
    • Exam 70-347 - Enabling Office 365 Services


Passing 70-346 and 70-347 will get you the "MCSA: Office 365 - Solutions Associate" certification. Those two exams plus the SharePoint admin exams, 70-331 and 70-332, will now get you the "MCSE: SharePoint - Solutions Expert" certification.


The Server 2012 classes total three weeks while the 70-346 class is only one week. Unless you already have strong DNS, AD and Exchange skills, you will need extra study on those topics.

Which path?

If you are supporting SharePoint 2013 on-premise then you probably would follow the Windows Server 2012 path. If you are moving to the cloud with Office 365, then follow the Office 365 / MCSA: Office 365 - Solutions Associate path.


Classes (from MAX of course!):



Free SharePoint 2013 Webinar


Tomorrow I will be giving a one hour webinar with MAX Technical Training on what's new in SharePoint 2013. This will include both the what's new bullet points, and a lot of little things I've found over the last year or so. Grab a sandwich and join me for a SharePoint lunch and learn!

Tuesday, June 4th from 12-1 pm
Reserve Your Webinar Seat Now

What's New in SharePoint 2013 - Features and User Interface

SharePoint 2013 is now in its 5th generation. While 2013 appears to have changed dramatically you will find that it is an interesting mix of unchanged features that you and your users already know, and a lot of new functionality that you will be exploring for the next few years.

In this webinar we will try to reduce the "fear of change" by showing you what has not changed while also showing how many new features and changes will add value to your world of information management and sharing.

Our presenter, Mike Smith, is a SharePoint Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Senior Technical Instructor with MAX Technical Training and author of the book: SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner.   



So you want to be a SharePoint Developer…


In a recent class we started putting together a list of what you need to know to be a well rounded SharePoint developer. The list very quickly got out of hand… but everything in it is required to for some aspect of SharePoint development. You don't need to know all of this if you are focusing on just a part of SharePoint, but not knowing these technologies may result in reinventing the wheel or the creation of things in SharePoint that don't feel like they belong there.

Some of the technologies you will need to know:

  • General web technologies
    • HTML
    • HTML5 (starting with SP 2013)
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • DHTML and working with the DOM
    • XML and XSLT (added by JR!)
    • JavaScript and jQuery
    • Browsers and browser limitations (and how to code around them)
    • web security
  • Microsoft web and development technologies
    • ASP.Net (pretty much everything!)
    • C# and / or Visual Basic .Net
    • AJAX
    • Silverlight (for SP 2010)
    • LINQ
    • ASP.Net 2.0 web parts
    • ASP User Controls
    • Visual Studio
  • General development skills
    • Object oriented development
    • Event driven development
    • Project management
  • SQL Server and SQL querying
  • Web Services in their various flavors
    • .Net 2.0 style SOAP web services
    • Microsoft WCF
    • RESTful services
  • Workflow
    • .NET 3.5 workflow and for 2013, .NET 4.0 workflow
    • Visual Studio workflow development
    • SharePoint Designer declarative workflow development
  • SharePoint
    • End user and site owner skills
    • SharePoint site security
    • SharePoint code related security
    • Event receivers
    • CAML XML and everything it is used with
      • site templates
      • list templates
      • features
      • content types
      • views
      • and much more
    • SharePoint editions and licensing
    • The SharePoint object model and API
    • The SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
    • The SharePoint web services
    • The SharePoint architecture
    • SharePoint code deployment options
    • SharePoint web parts
      • connected web parts
      • web part properties panels
    • SharePoint services (knowing what's there and creating new services)
    • Metadata and the metadata API
    • External data connectivity (BCS)
    • Search
      • The Search API
      • iFilter development
  • And for SharePoint 2013
    • SharePoint "app" development
    • writing Azure hosted applications
  • InfoPath
    • General forms development
    • Customizing SharePoint list forms
    • Creating and integrating workflow forms
  • Best practices
    • Web
    • SharePoint
    • JavaScript
    • SQL
    • Web services
    • Documentation
    • Project management
    • Performance testing
    • Testing and deployment
    • Your organization's best practices and SharePoint Governance Plans
  • Tools and resources
  • Also very useful…
    • Microsoft Office development skills
    • PowerShell
    • Visio
    • Mobile Web App Design

Did I miss anything? Post a comment and I will add it to the list.


SharePoint Training

As I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)I would be remiss if I did not list some of the training resources available through MAX Technical Training! If it's about SharePoint and SharePoint development, MAX has it!


SharePoint Certification

These classes are aligned with the Microsoft certifications for SharePoint development:


SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012 in One Week!


It's less than a week to the very first SharePoint Saturday Dayton event. Twenty sessions and twenty speakers means that there's something for everyone… admins, devs, site owners, business owners, and end users. Oh, and don't forget SharePoint Saturday Louisville and SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati coming up in July and October.

It's almost full! Register now or be sorry!

Reasons to attend SharePoint Saturday Dayton:

  • It's free
  • It's educational
  • You can visit with (and thank) the sponsors
  • It's free
  • There's sessions for everyone
  • You can hobnob with the experts (and maybe get some free consulting)
  • There's door prizes
  • It's air-conditioned
  • It's near by
  • I'm speaking there! (ok, there are better reasons to attend…)
  • Did I mention it's free?

Sessions, speakers, directions and registration can be found here:

Stay up with SPS Dayton news by following: @spsdayton

Speakers and Sessions:

Visit the site for full session descriptions



SharePoint Governance Training


Creating a SharePoint governance plan, correctly, can be a real challenge as SharePoint governance is only partially about SharePoint. Because SharePoint is (too) easy to use it attracts content, user, compliance and best practices problems. Without a plan… well you know what you’ve got.

There are several approaches to creating your governance plan. One is to download one of the sample plans and do a little quick editing, and call it done! The second is to pay a consultant to write one for you, copied from their generic templates, which you can then file away and call it done. The third is to attend training to learn how you can create a proper plan unique to your company. The training I offer through MAX Technical Training is available in two formats, private training for your team, and public training. Which is best? I would recommend both. Ideally your future governance team leader(s) would first attend a public class. There they would discover the full scope of governance and learn about the issues and concerns from the other attendees, things that they had never considered . After the public training they would know enough about governance to assemble a proper governance team and schedule a private training / consulting session to start writing a proper governance plan.

The next public class is next week and there are still openings available. This is your opportunity to both discover the full scope of SharePoint content and user governance, and to learn from the experiences of other governance teams.

The next class is Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at MAX Technical Training.

MA-1040 - SharePoint Governance 2007 and 2010

For information about private governance team training contact MAX at 1-513-322-8888.



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