SharePoint: Links for Forms Based Authentication (FBA)

Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint is truly a mixed bag. While great where Windows authentication is not practical, FBA has a lot of issues! Below are a few links I have found to be useful. Before you do the work to setup FBA read this list of "issues": http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb977430.aspx The short list includes:
  • Bugs with alerts (fixed with SP1)
  • Issues with search, if the default authentication is not Windows
  • By default integration with Office products is disabled (this includes Outlook sync, "Edit in...", Explorer views and the New button)
  • Importing user profiles
  • Single Sign-On Service does not work
By the way, many of these issues are not major items when working with a public facing Internet site not using "team collaboration" type features. If you are still interested, then:

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