Adobe 64 bit PDF iFilter Finally

    ( was (Adobe 64 bid PDF iFilter (sort of) )

Time to update this item… Adobe has released a 64 bit version of their iFilter: (the file date in the download is 11/26/08)
and they have tested it with:

• Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 x64 Edition R2 with Service Pack 2: SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007, Windows Desktop Search 3
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 with Service Pack 1: SharePoint Server 2007, SQL Server 2005, Windows Search 4

For an interesting comparison of the Adobe 64 bit iFilter vs the FoxIt 64 bit iFilter see:
(FoxIt is 5 times faster!?)
The older stuff….
Word around the blogs is that Adobe has finally released a 64 bit PDF iFilter. Not true! (as of 12/5/07 anyway) What they have released is a workaround that lets you install their 32 bit iFilter on a 64 bit system. Here's the URL:

If you are running the 64 bit version of MOSS Indexing then you need the 64 bit versions of your iFilters, or the Adobe 32 bit workaround. You still may want to consider the FoxIt 64 bit PDF iFilter. Do a some blog searches and see what people are saying about features and performance. The FoxIt version sounds pretty good!


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