SharePoint 2010: What’s New in Surveys


Note: the following is for the November 2009 Beta 2. In this release surveys do not have a ribbon in all screens and retain most of the look and feel of 2007.


What’s new?

Almost nothing! The exercise of comparing the two versions almost seems a waste of time due to the few changes, but I have had a number of questions from folks hoping for many new features in surveys. Remember this is the beta and the final release may still have changes.


No changes:

  • Settings, Title, description and navigation
  • Audience targeting settings
  • Delete this survey
  • Save as template
  • Manage permissions (new ribbon, but core features are unchanged)
  • RSS settings

New, but common to most SharePoint 2010 lists and libraries - while useful in other lists these often do not add value to surveys

  • Validation Settings
  • Rating Settings
  • Metadata navigation settings
  • Per-location view settings
  • Generate file plan report
  • Form settings

Changed, but common to most SharePoint lists and libraries:

  • Information management policy settings
  • Advanced - Some new wording, and the addition of two new but common items: “Offline Client Availability” and “Dialogs”.

Survey Questions:

  • All the old question types are still there
  • “Business Data” has been replaced with “External Data”
  • New! Managed Metadata

Survey Questions – details…

  • “Enforce unique values” – Interesting new option! This is really useful for lists where each item must have a unique value (I.e. each item is for one State and two items for the state is not allowed). This will have limited value for surveys.
  • “Column Validation”  (only available for Single line of text, Choice, Number, Currency, Date & Time) – used to validate the entered data against a rule (formula) – Example:  “[Amount] > 25” – the formula can reference the current field or any other field in the same item (row / survey response)
  • Currency now has more currency types…
  • Lookup
    • can now display multiple columns from the lookup list – BUT they are not displayed in the survey or the results (this is really a feature for columns in lists)
    • can enforce relational integrity (not of much value to a survey)
  • Yes/No is just as bad as before! (just a bare checkbox that defaults to Yes)
  • Person or Group now allows multiple selection (2007 only lets you select a single user)




Anonymous said...

I'm using RTM code and I have tried to use both list level validation and column level validation with surveys, and it is not as good or user friendly as other lists types. The error message for either validation types, does not appear on the survey form, but an error page appears stating List data validation failed with a correlation ID. I've tried this on SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server with the same result. Not very good at all!

Anonymous said...

How does SharePoint surveys compare to Inquisite survey features? We would like to eliminate Inquisite and move strickly to using SharePoint.

Mike Smith said...


Sorry, I have not used that product. A good place to post your question is here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepoint2010general/threads


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