SharePoint: The template you have chosen is invalid or cannot be found


I recently ran into “The template you have chosen is invalid or cannot be found” while creating a site from a template moved from another SharePoint server. The most likely cause is a missing feature on the destination server.

A recent source of this problem has been two recent updates, "Infrastructure Updates to MOSS 2007" and MOSS Service Pack 2 and a feature named S2SiteAdmin.

To find the missing feature use this great tool from CodePlex.com: “STP Inspector”   http://stpinspector.codeplex.com/

This tool will list all of the features needed by the STP file and flag those missing on the SharePoint server.

Note: this tool must be run on the server where you want to use the site template (STP) file.




Madhur said...

Thank you for your review and reference to the STP inspector in your article ...


Mike Smith said...


Thank you for the tool. It saved me a lot of time.


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