SharePoint: Missing Content Query Web Part (CQWP)

Many blog articles offer the Content Query Web Part as a solution to a lot of custom web part query problems. But, most users cannot find it as it is only displayed by default in Publishing template sites.


To enable the CWQP:

First of all, the CWQP is a MOSS web part and is not available in WSS. WSS users can use SharePoint Designer and the DataView web part to do similar rollups.

You get access to the CWQP you will need to turn on "Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" in Site Actions, Site Settings, Site Collection Features (last column). You will then find the CWQP in the Default section of the web parts popup.


Enabling "Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" will also add:

  • additional lists and libraries: Site Collection Documents, Site Collection Images, Style Library, Content and Structure Reports, Reusable Content, Workflow Tasks
  • new items in Site Actions, Site Settings:
         Removes: Quick Launch, Top Link Bar
         Adds: Navigation, Searchable Columns, Content and Structure, Content and Structure Logs, Variations, Variation lables, Variation logs, Translatable columns
  • new items in Site Actions, Create: Adds: Publishing Site, Publishing Site with Workflow
  • new Web Parts:
       Content Query Web Part
       Summary Link Web Part
       Table of Contents Web Part

One side effect of the above is a big change in the way you edit the Top Link Bar (tabs) and Quick Launch. Both are now maintained in a single option call Navigation, and are called “global navigation” (tabs) and “current navigation” (Quick Launch). There is a bonus though… you can now create dropdowns from the tabs!



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