SharePoint: Don’t Upgrade to SharePoint 2010!


Don’t upgrade to SharePoint 2010!

   There, I said it.

        Don’t do it.
            Just say no.
                 Put the DVD down and just walk away!


Unless when you rolled out 2007….

you really planned ahead,
created the ultimate governance plan document,
enforced that plan,
planned a farm with scalability and redundancy  in mind,
designed your taxonomy,
properly trained your users,
created and routinely executed an audit plan, 
and have a well documented and tested disaster recovery plan,

then you will just be creating the same mess again.


Do it right this time!  And then migrate only the business appropriate content into a clean, safe, secure, reliable and useable system.

You have probably learned a lot about SharePoint 2007 and probably learned a lot about how NOT to install it, release it to the corporation, train users and organize sites and data. You most likely now an expert on what NOT to do.

Now go do your homework. You have the time. It’s worth every minute. Go research “governance”, “best practices” and other people’s horror stories. Get your governance team trained on governance and a project methodology. Get your plan together, carefully implement it and enjoy!





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