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Topic Mapping for Course 20347 to Microsoft Certification Exams 70-346 and 70-347

(updated 10/25/18)

Microsoft’s “20347A: Enabling and Managing Office 365” course is a little different in that it dpes not have a one-to-one mapping to a single Microsoft exam. For example, while course 20483 maps to exam 70-483, 20347 maps to two exams: 70-346 and 70-347.
Here’s a guide for my students who are working on the 70-346 and 70-347 exams…

The course:
The exams:
  • 70-346 - Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
  • 70-347 - Enabling Office 365 Services

For details of each topic see Microsoft’s exam pages:
  • 70-346 - Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
  • 70-347 - Enabling Office 365 Services

Exam 70-346

Plan and implement networking and security in Office 365 (15–20%)
  • 20347 Module 1 – Configure DNS records for services (and the DNS info in the Exchange and Skype modules)
  • 20347 Module 3 – Enable client connectivity to Office 365
  • 20347 Module 11 – Administer Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service (RMS)
  • 20347 Module 2 – Manage administrator roles in Office 365

Manage cloud identities (15–20%)
  • 20347 Module 2 – Configure password management
  • 20347 Module 2 – Manage user and security groups
  • 20347 Module 2 – Manage cloud identities with Windows PowerShell

Implement and manage identities by using Azure AD Connect (15–20%)
  • 20347 Module 4 – Prepare on-premises Active Directory for Azure AD Connect
  • 20347 Module 4 – Set up Azure AD Connect tool
  • 20347 Module 4 – Manage Active Directory users and groups with Azure AD Connect in place

Implement and manage federated identities for single sign-on (SSO) (15–20%)
  • 20347 Module 13 – Plan requirements for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  • 20347 Module 13 – Install and manage AD FS servers
  • 20347 Module 13 – Install and manage WAP servers (Web Application Proxy)

Monitor and troubleshoot Office 365 availability and usage (15–20%)
  • 20347 Module 12 – Analyze reports
  • 20347 Module 12 – Monitor service health
  • 20347 Module 12 – Isolate service interruption

Exam 70-347

Manage clients and end-user devices (20–25%)
  • 20347 Module 5 – Manage user-driven client deployments
  • 20347 Module 5 – Manage IT deployments of Office 365 ProPlus
  • 20347 Module 5 – Set up telemetry and reporting
  • 20347 Module 5 – Plan for Office clients

Provision SharePoint Online site collections (20–25%)
  • 20347 Module 9 – Configure external user sharing
  • 20347 Module 9 – Create SharePoint site collection
  • 20347 Module 9 – Plan a collaboration solution

Configure Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online for end users (20–25%)
  • 20347 Module 6 – Configure additional email addresses for users
  • 20347 Module 6 – Create and manage external contacts, resources, and groups
  • 20347 Module 11 – Configure personal archive policies
  • 20347 Module 8 – Configure Skype for Business Online end-user communication settings

Plan for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online (20–25%)
  • 20347 Module 7 – Manage antimalware and anti-spam policies
  • 20347 Module 7 – Recommend a mailbox migration strategy
  • 20347 Module 11 – Plan for Exchange Online
  • 20347 Module 7 – Manage Skype for Business

Configure and Secure Office 365 services (20–25%)
  • 20347 Module 10 – Implement Microsoft Teams
  • 20347 Module 10 – Configure and manage OneDrive for Business
  • (not covered in 20347!) – Implement Microsoft Flow and PowerApps
  • 20347 Module 10 – Configure and manage Microsoft StaffHub
  • 20347 Module 11 – Configure security and governance for Office 365 services



If you have not finished your SharePoint 2013 Dev Certs… better get to work!


Microsoft is “expiring” a long list of exams in September.

This means that:
  • Anyone working on the related certifications has six months to complete these exams, or never be able to finish certifications they have been working on.
  • Anyone wanting these certifications better get started ASAP.
  • Time to review your study and training plans and budgets!
  • You should review the rest of the “Expiring exams list” to see what else is going away, and check this list periodically . (dates currently range from March to Sept 2016.)
  • New certifications, exams and classes are going to be announced soon.


These certifications are Impacted. (The tests for them expire 9/16.)

  • MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 (481, 482, 490)
  • MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C# (484, 485, 491)
  • MCSD: SharePoint Applications 2013 (488, 489, 517)

These exams are going away in September:

  • 481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • 482: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • 484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#
  • 485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#
  • 488: Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
  • 489: Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions
  • 490: Recertification for MCSD: Windows® Store Apps using HTML5
  • 491: Recertification for MCSD: Windows Store Apps using C#
  • 492: Upgrade Your MCPD: Web Developer 4 to MCSD: Web Applications Examination
  • 499: Recertification for MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management
  • 517: Recertification for MCSD: SharePoint Applications






Azure Exams 70-532, 70-533 and 70-534 Getting an Update!


Working on your Azure certifications? Take a break and go look at the list of announced updates. While they are listed as being updated as of March 16th, 2016, at least some the listed changes have already been applied.

The exams:

  • 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions


The links to the exam changes PDFs:




Still exam procrastinating? Second Shot is back!


Time for New Year's resolutions? Or just finish some of last years…

Take any Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam between January 5, 2015, and May 31, 2015. If you don't pass, get a free retake!

All of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Specialist certification exams are eligible. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams do not qualify for this promotion.

Details here:




Did you ever want to take a Microsoft exam from home or the office?


Starting today, if you are a U.S. resident (and if you’re not stay tuned—they’ll be expanding soon), you can take dozens of the MCP and MTA exams from the comfort of your home or office through a process called online proctoring by Pearson VUE. Or as Ken Rosen says "Come on, admit it: you’ve always wanted to take one of our exams in your pajamas. I can’t be the only one."

See Ken's blog article here and the details, rules and regulations here.

When you look at the list of exams available you will find numbers like 462-OP (on premise?). Add a 70 in front of the number and remove the "-OP" to find the equivalent exam ID. (70-462).  The "98" series exams just have the normal number with "-OP" added to the end.

Here are some of the "OP Beta" exams that are "in my world" (SharePoint, SQL, etc.):

346-OP Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
347-OP Enabling Office 365 Services

410-OP Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
411-OP Administering Windows Server 2012
412-OP Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

461-OP Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
462-OP Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
463-OP Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

480-OP Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3



SharePoint 2013 Exams


The SharePoint 2013 exams are starting to show up!  As I prepare for these exams I will collect and share my notes. Of course all of these notes will only be from my prep and will not be updated after I take the exams.

If you are looking for the 2007 exams… well it's too late for all but one, at least according the exam pages at the Microsoft Learning site (70-631 expires 3/31/2011, 70-630 expires 9/30/12, 70-541 expires 6/30/11 and 70-542 expires 1/31/2013).

If you are looking for the 2010 exams and notes then see here:
If you experienced at SharePoint 2010 then I would recommend taking the 2010 exams before taking the 2013 exams. There should be a lot of overlap in the core content that will help you with the 2013 exams.


Notice the new name for the certification, MCSE, not MSITP. And now "MCSE" = Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, not Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

For SharePoint Administrators:

Windows Server 2012 certification plus the two SharePoint 2013 exams. Let me say that again… Windows Server 2012 certification… plus the two SharePoint exams gets you the MSCE. (Some more info here.)

For Windows Server 2012:

You will need to have the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification for Server 2012. For this you will need:

  • Windows Server exams 70-410 plus 70-411 plus 70-412
  • Or the "SharePoint 2010 MCITP: SharePoint Administrator" plus 70-417

For SharePoint 2013, the above plus:


For SharePoint Developers:

(coming soon!)



SharePoint Admins… are you Windows Server 2012 MCSA certified?


The public certification exams for SharePoint 2013 will not be available until the first of the year. But… new for the SharePoint Server Administrator is the requirement to be “MCSA: Windows Server 2012” certified. (details here:

This is going to be a surprise to many SharePoint admins and something they need to get working on if they plan to be SharePoint 2013 certified. Existing SharePoint 2010 “MCITP: SharePoint Administrator” certified folks can upgrade by taking Exam 417.


The following classes are available to help get your there: 20417A: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 (5 Days) or 20410A plus 20411A plus 20412A (15 days total).

Here's the links to the exams:

70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012

70-412 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

70-417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012



SharePoint Exams 70-667 and 70-667 Being Updated for Office 365


If you have been preparing for the SharePoint administrator exams, you are about to get a surprise! The exam’s web page has this little tidbit…

70-667 and 70-668 will be updated for SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Office 365 in January, 2012.

They don’t list a date, so assuming January 1st…take the exam tomorrow or Saturday, or start brushing up on Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

As the web page does not have an updated “Overview” or “Sills Measured”, you may have some extra time. It would not be fair to update the exam on the 1st and not tell us what’s in it.

Post a reply if you have any news on dates…




Black Friday Certification Prep Deal???


I just got an email from with a 2 for 1 deal for exam prep materials.  The ad says “Get two practice tests for the price of one!”  Sounds good to me as I have a few exams planed in the next month, but when I click the ad to go to their site, there’s nothing about the deal. Maybe they got the email out ahead of the emails…

In any case, it says Good thru Friday December 2, 2011, so check their site over the next week and see if it shows up.


In case anyone from MeasureUp is reading this… my email client displayed this message for your email:  “Potentially dangerous scripts were removed from this message”   :-)




SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Certification Boot Camp!


One week to go! Two month’s ago MAX Technical Training and I put together a 6 day, 11 hours per day, SharePoint administrator’s certification boot camp (MA-1071). It was so much fun that we decided to do it again, but for developers this time. A week from now we will deliver a certification boot camp for developers (MA-1072).


Here’s what’s included in the boot camp:

  • Microsoft Official SharePoint Courseware for:
    • Course 10175 - Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Application Development
    • Course 10232 - Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Applications

      Two five days classes in one week!
  • Exam Vouchers for:
    • Exam 70-573: Technical Specialist: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
    • Exam 70-576: IT Professional: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications
  • Books, books, books:
    • Essentials SP 2010    ISBN – 0321700759
    • SharePoint 2010 Development & Visual Studio 2010 (MS .NET Development Series)    ISBN- 0321718313
    • Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010     ISBN – 0735627460
    • SharePoint 2010 Dev Pro     ISBN – 0470529423
    • SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action     ISBN – 9781935182719
  • Some cool toys (maybe a helicopter!)  
  • Breakfast and lunch every day and all of the coffee and snacks needed to keep you going for 11 hours a day!
  • And a whole lot of learning, lecture and hands-on labs!

There’s still time to register!  Just click here…




Get Certified Now! (Exams are going to cost more soon…)


The primary Microsoft certification exams have cost $125 for a long time now. Starting July 1st they are going up to $150. You can lock in the current pricing for a while, get discounts from your favoriate MCT (10%) or take an exam or two at a 25% discount while you are at TechEd (details) next week! You can also get your exams as part of a certification bootcamp. (here’s two I’m leading: SharePoint Admin and SharePoint Dev)

See here for details:




SharePoint 2010: Preparing for 70-573 TS Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development


Welcome to my series of cram sessions to prepare for the new SharePoint 2010 exams. I’m going to start with the first development exam, 70-573.  For details on the whole set of 2010 exams see here.

This is kind of “Part 0” of the series and will serve as a backgrounder and a place to post general links for 70-573 prep.  Keep checking back here as I will be updating this page as I work though all of the topics.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, (more to come…)


Background Skills

SharePoint is a Windows Server based product created using ASP.NET, so you will need developer skills in the following before even starting to work on SharePoint Certification:

  • Solid VB.NET or C# skills  (2.0, 3.0 and 3.5)
  • Solid ASP.NET skills
  • and a host of other related skills:
    • Workflow
    • WCF
    • JavaScript (and JQuery is a good idea)
    • HTML / DHTML
    • CSS
    • Silverlight
    • AJAX
  • and don’t forget:
    • User interface design skills
    • An understanding of user “accessibility” issues (and legal concerns)


Here’s a few of the classes available at MAX Technical Training that will be of value:

MA-1038 Advanced SharePoint Training for Developers (for 2007 and 2010 development)

MA-1041 Exploring Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Using Visual Basic

MA-1042 Exploring Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Using Visual C#

MA-1045 Microsoft LINQ Using Visual C# 2008

MS-6461 Visual Studio 2008: Windows Communication Foundation

MA-1055 Microsoft Silverlight 4 Using Visual C# 2010: Volume 1


Useful Links for 70-573


SharePoint 2010: I’m Studying for the new Exams! (you can follow along…)


Exam time!

I’ve been playing with 2010 for nine months now. Wow, time flies… I’ve decided to start the final “cram” for the exams and thought I would share what I’ve learned along the way. So I’ll blog about how I’m studying for each of the “Skills Measured” in Microsoft’s exam descriptions and the resources I’ve found.



About the Exams

  • For a list of the 2007 and 2010 exams see here:
  • The 2010 exams won’t be available until July 12th 2010 (humm… two months after the “official” announcements on May 12th.)
  • There are two “tracks” with two exams each:
    •  Development:
      • 70-573 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
      • 70-576 PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications
    • Administration (ITPRO)
      • 70-667 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring
      • 70-668 PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator
    • RUMORS and such…
      • and according to here (and other blog sites) if you pass both 70-573 and 70-576 you will get
      •   SharePoint 2010 MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer).
        BUT… I can’t find this on any Microsoft site so far…

      • and according to the same sites if you pass both 70-667 and 70-668 you will get
           SharePoint 2010 MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional)
        This may be correct as the Microsoft pages use the term “PRO”, but they do not outright say MCITP.
      • Both of those would be fantastic, but I think the TS and PRO are pretty clear as being MSTS and MSITP (if you know otherwise, and have a Microsoft reference, please post a comment)
      • The same sites say that you must pass the first exam to take the second, i.e. you must pass 70-573 to qualify to take 70-576
        BUT… this is not stated on any Microsoft site so far…


In the end…

  • I’ll have passed some exams and have some new cool certifications to brag about!
  • I’ll have the content I need for the boot camps I plan to offer though MAX Technical Training
  • I’ve hopefully made the exam prep easier for you
  • and I’ll have lots of new ideas for blog articles!


  • I will not be passing on anything that might be covered under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) or any question I might see in the exams when I finally take them.


So follow along and you can share what I find and maybe share my pain…


My first exam will be 70-573, and the fun starts here:



SharePoint: Should you still get certified on 2007?


SharePoint 2010 is now here, so should you waste time on the 2007 certs?


My opinion? Get the 2007 certs, especially if you are looking at the development certs.



  • The core API for 2010 is largely unchanged from 2007. So what you learn about 2007 is 95-99% reusable with 2010.
  • 2007 uses .NET Framework 2.0 (and 3.0 for workflows) while 2010 uses 3.5  (NOT 4.0), so no major changes in core .NET skills
  • The 2010 exams will not be available until July at the earliest.
  • Having both 2007 and 2010 certs on your resume will look good! 
  • 2007 is not going away soon – you should know how to write code to support both
  • Most of the code you create for 2007 will work unchanged, or maybe with just a recompile, in 2010
  • There are a LOT of good prep tools for 2007: books, blogs, practice tests and lots of knowledgeable people to ask questions of in the MSDN forums.   (and the 2007 books are now CHEAP in the used books stores, Amazon and others)



Lets take a look at 2007’s 70-541 and 2010’s 70-573

I’m now prep’ing for the new exams and I started by looking at “what’s new” vs. “what I might already know from 2007”. I will share what I discover in the study process in this blog, so stay tuned…


So here’s what I have found in the first pass…


If you go to 70-573’s page at Microsoft Learning here, either MSL made a big mistake (most likely) or they are giving you a hint…



So what would be some of the changes and new topics be?


Note: I have not seen the exams yet, so there is some guessing here.

In general:

  • IIS 6 skills for 2007 and IIS 7 skills for 2010 (IIS is listed in 541, but is not listed in 573, but you still need to know about it)
  • Tools!  Visual Studio 2005 vs Visual Studio 2010  (if you know 2005 or 2008, then 2010 itself is not a big surprise) It does sound like Visual Studio 2010 features are a very important part of the exam.
  • STSADM for 2007 and STSADM and PowerShell for 2010
  • Business Connectivity Service (BCS) -- Business Data Catalog in was not available in WSS, so it is not a topic in 70-541, but Business Connectivity Service (BCS) is part of the WSS equivalent in 2010, SharePoint Foundation


Section by section review of (and guesses about) the “Skills Measured” tab found here:

  • Working with the SharePoint User Interface (19%)
    • Manage SPSite and SPWeb programmatically – this is the core API and is largely unchanged
    • Implement a dialog by using the Dialog Framework – this is new in 2010
    • Create a custom ribbon object – this is new in 2010 (got to highlight the Ribbon!)
    • Customize navigation programmatically (TopNav, Quick Launch, Custom Actions) – the core is unchanged, but there are a number of new features for Custom Actions and the Ribbon
    • Create and apply branding to a SharePoint site --
      • master pages, content pages, application pages, placeholders, page layouts – the core is the same as 2007, but there are some details to learn
      • programmatically working with themes – this is largely new for 2010
      • deploying CSS, CSSlink, ScriptLink – the CSS files have been updated, and you will need to know about the “old” vs the “V4” files, but not much new here
      • Important note in this section “This objective does not include: graphic design, creating a CSS”, so no “branding”, mostly  a focus on how to interact with the above with code
  • Developing Web Parts and Controls (21%)
    • Create Web Parts – largely unchanged from 2007, except for “Visual Web Parts”
    • Create connectable Web Parts – I don’t think there are any changes here
    • Debug Web Parts – core debugging is unchanged, but you have new tools in 2010: the new log tools, correlation IDs, developer dashboard
    • Create and implement delegate controls – while this is not new, it was not listed in the 2007 70-541 “Skills Measured”
  • Developing Business Logic (19%)
    • Workflows! In 2010 we now have a lot of new tools, SPD reusable workflows, the ability to import SPD workflows into VS 2010
    • Note: Interesting that the “Skills Measured” says “This objective does not include: trivial cases such as workflows with no custom actions, initiation data, association data.” Read that one carefully – I think it says that custom actions, initiation data, association data are important topics, so make sure you know how to create these.
    • Create a custom workflow action – Similar to SPD 2007 custom actions
    • Customize Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – The topics here sound much like 2007 (but I need to look up “token usage”)
    • Create, implement and debug a Timer Job – much of what you know from 2007 still applies, but there new features and things you need to know about Central Admin and PowerShell…
    • Create and modify Business Connectivity Service model in Visual Studio 2010 – New for 2010!
    • Manage Users, Groups, Permissions (SPGroups, SPUser, permission inheritance, all securable objects, SPRoleDefinition, SPRole, SPRoleAssignment) – largely unchanged from 2007
  • Working With SharePoint Data (22%)
    • The core API topics should be the same as 2007, but there are a number of additional Framework 3.5 and SharePoint 2010 things to know…
    • Access list data by using the Server object model – New things here: LINQ (3.5 and the SharePoint 2010 API), Query Governor
    • Access (CRUD) data by using the Client Object Model – Interesting wording on this one – Note the references to how the Client Object Model can be accessed: .Net, Silverlight, JavaScript, CAML, etc.  I would also add JQuery to that list…
    • Work with documents programmatically – the core of this section is unchanged from 2007
    • Work with the meta data – lots of new stuff here
    • Extending SharePoint Search – should be very similar to 2007
    • Implement and debug code that executes in an alternative security context – sounds the same as 2007
    • Create and modify a custom content type – very similar to 2007, but you now have new tools in Visual Studio 2010 to help
  • Stabilizing and Deploying SharePoint Components (19%)
    • Manage a solution in Visual Studio 2010 – the core topics for Solution Packages has not changed, but the tools have!  Think Visual Studio 2010 here, not just SharePoint solutions. New topics include Sandbox solutions
    • Manage a feature by using Visual Studio 2010 – again think “Visual Studio 2010” for this topic. The feature/element XML has been expanded, but your core 2007 knowledge still applies (and knowing how to manually create and deploy these is important.  But… know the VS 2010 wizards and options.
    • Store and retrieve configuration data – this all sounds like core 2007 topics
    • Create a site definition by using Visual Studio 2010 – there’s that “Visual Studio 2010” thing again!
    • Manage SharePoint object life cycle by using the Dispose API – critical top regardless of the version – should be largely the same as 2007 and in general a “.NET best practices” topic.
    • Develop, debug, and deploy sandboxed solutions – all new!


What else do you need?

Although not listed in the “Skill Measured”, to be successful in SharePoint development you also need:

  • Solid VB.NET or C# skills
  • Solid ASP.NET skills
  • Good SQL skills
  • and a host of other related skills:
    • Workflow
    • WCF
    • JavaScript (and JQuery is a good idea)
    • HTML / DHTML
    • CSS
    • Silverlight
    • AJAX
  • and don’t forget:
    • User interface design skills
    • An understanding of user “accessibility” issues (and legal concerns)


How would I do if I took this exam with my 2007 skills?

I think would get at least a 50% (I’m good at multi-guess exams!), and with the “playing around” I’ve done so far, maybe 60-69%.  But I doubt I would pass it without a lot of study.


I will revise this as do further study for the exam. There’s still a lot of “I don’t know what I don’t know”!


Please post comments with anything you think I missed or misstated.

I will not allow any comments that might violate NDA or might be about actual questions in the exam.


Note to spammers!

Spammers, don't waste your time... all posts are moderated. If your comment includes unrelated links, is advertising, or just pure spam, it will never be seen.