SharePoint: Prevent the rescheduling of a task by dragging of the Gantt chart bar


When a task list is displayed using a Gantt view the user can reschedule a task (often by accident) by dragging the Gantt task bar with the mouse. It’s easy to prevent this with a tiny piece of JavaScript.



  • Go the the page with the Gantt view
  • Click Site Actions, Site Settings, Edit Page
  • Click Add a Web Part and add a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)
  • Move the CEWP below the Gantt chart web part
  • In the CEWP click Edit then Modify Shared Web Part
  • Click the Source Editor button
  • Paste the code from below
  • Exit the edit mode and try to drag one of the Gantt chart bars.


<script> document.all("GanttTable").ondragstart = function () {alert("Task dragging disabled!")} </script>

(The text between the script tags is all one line)


The result:


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