SharePoint MOSS Bootcamp notes...

First of all, thanks for attending the MOSS Bootcamp. Please let me know how you did on the exam! Below of some of the links we talked about in class...


If you would like to attend a second class on SharePoint administration, consider:

MX-SPA401 Professional SharePoint Server 2007 Administration This is a four day class with about a 50% overlap with the 5061 class that the bootcamp was based on. Sometimes seeing something for a second time from a different perspective can help a lot.


Need more experience as a SharePoint end-user or Site Owner / Department Admin?

MS-50196 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Power User (MOSS)


Want a quick introduction into what can be done with SharePoint customization? This class introduces both Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer for SharePoint customization.

MX-3530 Customizing SharePoint 2007 Applications

MA-1019 SharePoint Designer 2007 - Customizing and Branding SharePoint


Developers? Here are a few of out other classes that may be of interest:

MA-1038 Advanced SharePoint Training for Developers

MA-1032 Introduction to SharePoint Workflows for Developers - Microsoft SharePoint 2007: Business Processes

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