SharePoint 2010: Missing Search Scope Dropdown


In SharePoint 2007 there is a search scope dropdown:



This is missing in a default setup of SharePoint 2010:



It’s still available, you just have to turn it on. Just go to Site Actions, Site Settings, Site Collection Administration, Search Settings:


Note that this is a site collection setting, not per sub site.


Select “Show scopes dropdown and it’s back!



This was an option only in MOSS 2007. WSS 2007 always had the scope dropdown. I have not checked SharePoint 2010 Framework yet to see if is an option there…


Keller said...

Hey Mike,

I'm Keller Smith, a Program Manager who worked on this feature at Microsoft. First off, it's great to see blogging about Search in SharePoint 2010!

The behavior you describe here is actually intended. In this release of the product, we wanted to focus searches from within sites on site search by default in order to take better advantage of the context of the searcher. As you have found, there are settings at the Site Collection -> Search Settings page to control whether the dropdown shows and what is shown. In previous releases, controlling the search box shown in the site Master Page was more difficult, but now it can be done with a simple setting on the site collection.

Another feature on the same settings page that I'll call out is the "Site Search Box Target Results Page". This allows you to customize where site searches go, so you can now create a custom site search page. For example, you could create a blank web part page, drop a few search web parts down, and direct site searches to that page.

Keller Smith (MSFT)

Caladan607 said...

Thanks for the great info! I see the Search settings page in 2010, but the scope is not appearing in MySites, even with the pulldown selected in the settings. I see it in Designer, but it is not activated. How do I get it to appear in MySites?

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