SharePoint: Using the Calendar to Schedule Meeting Rooms (multiple fields in a month view)

This is not a complete way to manage meeting rooms, but a tip on displaying multiple fields in a SharePoint Calendar view. In particular, you might want to see both the Location (Room 6B) and the meeting title (Staff Meeting) in the month view of the calendar. When displaying a Calendar in Month view you can only display the time (unchangeable) and a single field (your choice). To display more than one field you will need to add a calculated column to merge the two (or more) fields.
  1. Display the calendar, click Settings, Create a column
  2. Add a calculated column (I'll call it MonthData) with an equation to join the columns you want to display. Example: Location & " - " & Title (If you return to modify this equation it will have been reformatted as: =Location&" - "&Title )
  3. Uncheckmark "Add to default view" and the click OK
  4. Click the View menu and select Modify this view
  5. In the Calendar Columns section of the page change "Month View Title:" to your new column (MonthData)
  6. Click OK and check the results in the month view of the calendar

You could also add a new column name "reserved by" and use that in your calculated column to display the room and who has it reserved: =Location&" - "&[Reserved By]

Sorry, no tips here on how to find an available room or other "scheduling features"!

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