Classroom Helicopter!


Update 12/16/10… prices sure keep changing on this little helicopter!  The link below has varied from apx $20 to $40 over the last few days.  Click the link below and then do a search for “S107 helicopter” to see if there are any better prices.



I have occasionally brought a “toy” helicopter to class. I bought it on a trip to North Canton, OH at the MAPS aviation museum. When I bought it I was just looking for a toy for the extended hotel stay, and I was intrigued that it was mostly metal, not plastic. But I found it to be amazing stable. The first time I flew it, it just lifted off and hovered! No fighting it, no bouncing off the walls, just a perfect hover. Months later I have only broken one part, the little tail rotor, and there was a spare one in the box! (Don’t tell anybody, but this big kid took the indoor heli outdoors to see how high it would go. When it got up about 100’, which was probably the range of the IR radio, it turned itself off and fell and hit the roof. Nothing was broken!

Several people have asked about it and I had no idea where they could find one.  Turns out is was real easy… it’s available from Amazon.com and about 1000 places on the web.



Don’t blame me for the time you waste with this thing… or that you had to get three more for the kids.



If you ever get to the Akron / Canton area, look up the MAPS museum.  It’s nicely hidden on the back side of the Akron airport, should you visit you will need to do a bit of looking to find it.

While I’m a bit spoiled by being near the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, MAPS is worth the visit for both the aircraft, and the chance to talk to the folks who restore them.



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