Recent Changes to the SharePoint 2013 UI


About a month ago I wrote a little post about Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target that included a mention about an April 9th update to the UI. Well, on April 21st the April 9th update finally appeared in one of my Office 365 subscriptions. (The update has not shown up in the other subscriptions yet.)

What are the changes? An updated "hero bar", or navigation bar has been added above the libraries. My favorite change here is the new "Manage" link. My least favorite change is the Share button… it currently seems to be broken!

One strange thing!  The "or drag file here" text is now gone. Drag and drop still works, but there's no longer a reminder for the users.

Here's the "before" navigation:


Here's the "after" navigation:



When the library is displayed in a web part the menu bar is shortened and no longer includes "sync" or "manage".



Clicking "new" displays the same menu as before… except the "upload" link is now gone. (It's been moved to the new navigation bar.)

Here's the before and after of the "new" menu:


Clicking the "upload" link displays the popup you would get from the Upload button in the ribbon, or the upload link in the old "new" menu.


The "SYNC" button has been removed from the top of the page and is now in the new "hero bar".


The "edit" button opens the Office document in the client app (Word, Excel, etc.) on the local PC. (Not sure I like this as opening is Office Web Apps is nice.)

The "manage" button displays the old dropdown menu that you had to get to in 2013 using "…", "…".


As far as the "share" button… both the new share button and the old "…","..." share button seem to be broken! They display all of the expected prompts, but do not actually break inheritance on the item or grant the requested permissions…
Sad smile



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