Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target


If you support SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 in the cloud then you are well aware that there are differences that impact you, your users, your help desk and your governance plan (of course!). You can manage changes and updates when working with your on-premises servers by choosing when and if you apply service packs, features and updates. When it comes to Office 365 you have no control… changes just happen!

To keep up to date…


February updates

Last month saw several changes, a few available for your on-premises servers as part of Service Pack 1.


April 9th Updates

SharePoint Online / Office 365 will receive updates to SharePoint document libraries with the addition of a new command bar. The command bar will include frequently used tasks such as: new, upload, sync, edit, manage, and share. I have not found anything about similar updates to on-premises SharePoint.

You can see a partial screen capture of the new command bar at the link below. Notice that the "new document or drag files here" has been replaced with "new   upload   sync   edit …". Go to the page below and scroll down to each of the step 3's.




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