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I am often asked for book recommendations in my classes. Book choices are a personal thing that varies based on your learning style. So, I rarely recommend any particular book. The books that follow are books that I really like and recommend.

Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

This is not a Power BI book. Before you create a report, you should know why you are creating the report... the story you want to tell. Which visuals should you use, what is clutter and what is fact, which order should you list the data, all of those things you should know before you start your report project. This book covers all of that.

I bought it. I use it. I recommend it in every Power BI class.

Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is Better When You Learn To Write DAX

This is not a Power BI book, it is a book about using DAX formulas within Power BI. You cannot master Power BI without learning DAX. This book is written by a trainer in a tutorial and conversational format. It is full of examples and has a downloadable Excel version of the database for all of the examples.

The book is now in the third edition and was updated in April of 2021.

I got the book for free directly from Matt as a fellow MVP and I really like it!

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