Adding Roman Numerals to SharePoint


In a Calculated Column

Assuming an integer in a numeric column named the "TheNumber", just add this equation to a Calculated Column:



You can also select alternate formats:


See: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/ROMAN-function-D6B0B99E-DE46-4704-A518-B45A0F8B56F5

In a Page, Content Editor Web Part or a Rich Text Multiple Lines of Text column.

The Rich Text ribbon offers buttons to create bullets and numbers, but does not have one to select the other list formatting options. With a little HTML edit you can get any of the HTML list styles.

  1. Create the numbered list as usual. (1., 2., 3....)
  2. Click the "Edit Source" button in the ribbon.
  3. Find the <ol> tag and change it to <ol type="I">. (Use a lower case "i" for lower case Roman numerals.)
  4. Click OK.


Additional List Styles

When starting with a numbered list you can choose any of the HTML ordered lists (<OL>) types:

  • type = "1" – numbers
  • type = "A" – Uppercase letters: A, B, C
  • type ="a" – Lowercase letters:  a, b, c
  • type – "I" – Uppercase Roman numerals: I, II, III
  • type = "I" – Lowercase Roman numerals:  i, ii, iii

When starting with a bulleted list you can choose any of the HTML unordered lists (<UL>) types:

  • disc
  • circle
  • square
  • none

You can also use your own custom images. See: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_list-style-image.asp


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