SharePoint Date Search Tips


Applies to SharePoint 2013 and later.


A few SharePoint Search Tips!


Time Zone

Search internally stores dates in Universal Time. Because of this, a file uploaded at “2/7/2017 10:50 PM EST” will not be found with a search for “Write=2/7/2017” (or “LastUpdateDate=2/7/2017”). That file will be found with a search using “Write=2/8/2017”.


Date Ranges

You can create searches on date ranges using “..”.

      Example: write=2/1/2017..2/8/2017


Named Date Ranges

You can also use the names of some date ranges. Quotes are required around any range name that includes a space.

     Example: write="this week"


The supported ranges are:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • this week
  • this month
  • last month
  • this year
  • last year

But sadly… no “"last week”!


Comparison Operators

Note: All of the following operators work with the DateTime, Integer, Decimal and Double data types.





Less than


Greater than


Less than or equal to


Greater than or equal to


Not equal to





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