SharePoint 2013: Missing Search Box


You have a search box over your list or library and I don't! Why?

SharePoint 2013 has added a search box to most lists and libraries that is scoped to the current list. When the user performs the search they will stay in the list’s page. They will not be redirected to a search results page. They can continue to sort or filter the results using the column heading dropdowns.


Pretty cool! But it's missing in my library!


Four Reasons You Might Not See It

#1 - Turns out that this search box is only available in one View Style. If you have not played with View Styles then take a look at this article http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2010/05/sharepoint-list-view-styles.html That's an older article, but still applies to SharePoint 2013.

If you pick any style other than Default, you lose the search box. Bummer…


#2 -  It's only available in the Enterprise Edition of SharePoint 2013. I'm guessing that it may only be available in Office 365 / SharePoint Online in the "E" subscriptions.

#3 -  It can be disabled! Edit the page, edit the web part, expand the Miscellaneous section: It is enabled by default in list/library pages. It is disabled by default when you add a list/library web part to a page.

#4 - It is only displayed when server side rendering is disabled.



Unknown said...

I have a problem when I try to search using this. I does not display any result. Do you know what the reason is?

Mike Smith said...


No. But here's some questions and ideas:

- That search box only searches that one library. Is the content you are looking for otherwise visible in that library?

- Can you find content from that library from your site's search box? If not, then the owner of the library or site may have configured the library or site not to be indexed by search.

- Is the View already Filtered? The library search box searches within the current displayed results. I.e. Filter+Search.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this - someone had changed our view to Server-Side Rendering and we were all puzzled when the search box disappeared. I just fixed it! Thanks again.

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