SharePoint 2013 – Restoring the 2010 Navigate Up Crumb Trail Button



SharePoint 2007 had the nice complete "bread crumb trail" across the top of every page:



SharePoint 2010 removed those and gave us a very limited, library relative, crumb trail which has gaps if too long:


As a compromise, 2010 gave us a little button / dropdown called Navigate up to make up for the missing crumb trail:



What Microsoft giveth, Microsoft takes away. No more crumb trails in 2013!  I think 2013 users are supposed to only "Follow" or search for sites. :-)

Actually… the Navigate up button is still there, but it's been hidden! It's just between the site logo and the Top Link Bar. All you need to do is make two quick changes to your master page, and the crumb trail is back!

In the example below I'm in a subsite named Sales Training and I've drilled down into a library with a bunch of folders looking for the 2014 schedules. In two clicks I can quickly jump up to a higher level folder, library or site.

Site with the restored Navigate Up button:



Get back the crumb trail!

The steps:

  1. Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2013.
  2. In the left panel click Master Pages.
  3. Click your master page (probably Seattle.Master for a typical Team Site).
  4. Click Edit File.
  5. Search for "breadcrumbdropdown".
    (If you don't find it, you may be working with a customized or branded master page.)
  6. Make two edits…
    1. In the line above change display:none to display:inline
    2. Two lines down change Visible="false" to Visible="true"
  7. Save the master page, and if prompted, click Yes.
  8. Return to your site and refresh the page!




Cheryl Shah said...

Thank you!!

chasepes said...

Hi: Can this be displayed using CSS display:inline on a single page?

.ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox {

Mike Smith said...


Yes, if you also edit the master page and change Visible="false" to Visible="true". Then in the one page where you want the control displayed, use the CSS to set the display to inline.


Anonymous said...


I tried this solution. The Navigate Up popup works on all SharePoint pages, but for some reason the image doesn't show on all pages.

However, someone left a comment in another blog to also replace ThemeKey="v15breadcrumb" with ThemeKey="spcommon".

This actually works!!
All SharePoint pages show the Navigate Up image now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to figure this one out and posting a solution. Worked as advertised on SP2016 with the Seattle master page. The breadcrumb trail is only two levels deep but the Navigate Up button is there with the full tree.
For the life of me I don't know how decisions like this (to eliminate a critically useful) feature get made. The cost of keeping it is so extremely low and the price of removing it so high - their business calculus is just baffling.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

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