SharePoint Online Service Update – Cool things coming to Office 365/SharePoint Online!


See here for details:




SharePoint Online will now have BCS! The lack of BCS is a real problem for many people wanting to try out the “cloud” and especially when the only custom code is via a sandbox solution.  But sadly, this is for Enterprise (“E” plan) subscriptions only.


Windows Phone 7 "Mango”  (the latest update to Windows 7 Phone) connectivity!

This gives access to Windows 7 Phones to SharePoint lists and libraries. This is for both “E” and “P” plans.


Recycle Bin: deleted site self-recovery

SharePoint 2010 got this with Service Pack 1. Now SharePoint online users can “undelete” a site!


Browser support for Internet Explorer 9

Now who would of  thunk of that?


Browser support: Chrome

Welcome Google!




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