SharePoint 2010: RegistrationId List Template Type IDs


I have updated the Registration ID list to include 15 new SharePoint 2010 IDs and a few other general updates. See the complete list or IDs here:



New in 2010: (found so far…)  More details in the link above.

121 SolutionCatalog Solution Gallery  “Use the Solution Gallery to track user solutions.”
122 NoCodePublic No Code Public Workflows  (“wfpub” in the database AllLists table)
123 ThemeCatalog Theme Gallery “Use the theme gallery to store themes. The themes in this gallery can be used by this site or any of its subsites.”
398   Access Services Application Log
399   Access Services System Objects
402 Facility Resources  “Use the Resources list to document shared assets, such as cameras and vehicles. Users can reserve and track listed resources in Group Calendar.” (used in the new Group Work Site template)
403 Whereabouts Whereabouts  “Use this list to quickly and easily track the location of individuals throughout the day.” (used in the new Group Work Site template)
404 CallTrack Phone Call Memo  (used in the new Group Work Site template)
405 Circulation Circulations: “Use this list to inform team members and request confirmation stamps.”  (used in the new Group Work Site template)
420 Timecard  
421 Holidays  
499 IMEDic IME Dictionary (Input Method Editor: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HP030900551033.aspx)
600 ExternalList External List
1220 HealthRules used in Central Administration
1221 HealthReports used in Central Administration


851 is not new, but the new “Asset Library” in 2010 is of type 851

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