SharePoint Search Weirdness – Part 5: Search REST API Ignores Duplicates

A continuation of the "Search Weirdness" series!

If you are a developer, or a SharePoint 2013 workflow designer, then you probably have used the SharePoint Search REST API. Did you know that you are probably not getting all of the results expected?

Here’s a typical REST search for the word “sharepoint”:


Or if you would like to be a little more selective:


or you would like to return more than the default number of items:


The problem with the above searches is that Search thinks some of your results are duplicates, so it removed them! To solve this problem just add this to your URL:


Your search URLs then might look like these:





1 comment:

Rimayug said...

I think you mean '&trimduplicates=false' as '&trimduplicates=true' will trim the duplicates

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