Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Where’s Site Settings This Week?

SharePoint Online is kind of like the weather in Cincinnati… if you don’t like it, hang around, it will change.

Where’s Site Settings?

It depends… today, 10/23/2017 it’s here:

  • Classic UI pages: It’s where it has always been… in the Settings (gear) menu.
  • Modern UI pages: It’s…  Settings (gear), Site Info, Site Information, and then at the bottom of the popup panel, click “View all site settings”.
  • Modern UI Site Contents page: Top right corner, click Settings

I wonder will it will be next week?

Purpose of the change?

No real clue… If it was to surface the most often used Site Settings, they are not the ones I use most often. Are the most often used options on your list Delete Site, rename the site or change the description or icon.


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