You Can Now Create "Modern" Pages in SharePoint Online


It looks like "modern pages" are now rolling out to the tenants with the preview options on. You can still create Wiki Pages and Web Part Pages in addition to the new "Site Page" type. Here's both the new and classic Site Pages library “New” menus.

image   image_thumb[11]

The new pages have the "warm and fuzzies". Click to enter a page name. Note the Publish button. New pages are left checked out until "published". Major versions are enabled on the Site Pages library.


While web parts are not listed yet, you can add some "widgets" to the new pages. (Hey! There's a Yammer thing there!)



So… stay tuned to see what will appear next!




Anonymous said...

Mike - have you encountered broken managed navigation with the new SP Library and List design? I can send you some screen shots, if you like. The new design ignored my global navigation, driven by Managed Metadata (Term Store), and replaced it with a compilation of two previous versions (neither was MM). It is UGLY and there seems to be NO method to restore MM in the new design. Any ideas?

William Smith

Mike Smith said...


The new "modern" design is missing MANY features. It's a work in progress and only Microsoft knows what will be eventually added to make it compatible with existing features. Your only option at this time is to set the "classic" design as your default.


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