Using Relative URLs in SharePoint 2013 Workflow Calls


(For SharePoint 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online.)

It's generally a good idea to use relative URLs when creating something that you will want to use in more than one place. While not real obvious, you can easily do this in SharePoint 2013 workflow web service calls.

Absolute URL:

Relative URL:

What we would like to have in a workflow web service call:


  1. After adding your Call HTTP Web Service action, click “this”
  2. Click the "" button to open the String Builder dialog.
    1. Click the Add or Change Lookup button.
    2. For Data source select Workflow Context.
    3. For Field from source select Current Site URL.
    4. Immediately after the lookup place holder (i.e. no spaces) type the rest of the URL for the web service call:

    5. Click OK.
  3. Continue with web service call action configuration…


As you can probably guess… I’m working on a new class that includes workflows!



Anonymous said...

What if the URL is for another site collection ?

Mike Smith said...

Just add the relative URL as text. /sites/yourSiteName/_api/web

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