PowerShell to Find SharePoint Views Configured for More Than 5000 Items


Have any of your site owners been trying to create views with more than 5000 items? Have you changed the row limit to more than 5000 and have decided to set it back? Here’s some PowerShell to find all Views with a RowLimit set to more than 5000.

Here’s some PowerShell to find those views in an on premise SharePoint.

Get-SPSite -Limit All | 
   Select -ExpandProperty AllWebs |
   Select -ExpandProperty Lists |
   Select -ExpandProperty Views |
   Where {$_.RowLimit -gt 5000} |
   Select {$_.ParentList.ParentWebUrl}, {$_.ParentList.Title}, {$_.ParentList.ItemCount}, {$_.paged}, {$_.RowLimit} | ft -autosize


There are two properties of interest in the View object:

  • Paged – Boolean – is paging enabled for the view.
  • RowLimit – integer – number of items to display per page.

If you wanted to only include views without paging then change the Where line to:

    Where { ($_Paged –eq $false) –AND ($_.RowLimit -gt 5000) } |



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