Test Post for the New Office Live Writer!


Google Blogger.com broke Microsoft Live Writer earlier in the year with an update to their login security. They then reversed the change and Live Writer users were back in business. Yea!

Then last week they broke it again, and said that it was final.  Boo!

Along comes a group of volunteers from Microsoft with an “open” release of Live Writer called Open Live Writer. At first it did not support the new Blogger security requirements, but as of yesterday it does! Hallelujah!

If you are a Live Writer fan then go take a look at this new version: http://openlivewriter.org/



What’s missing so far?

  • The Set Categories bar and options are missing. (But I can take care of this in the Blogger web site.)
  • Plug-ins. (I use a plug-in in Live Writer to format code. But I can still format things in the old Live Write and copy and paste as needed.
  • Spell checking! (The way I type, I really need this back!)
  • ??? (still testing – visit the project site: https://github.com/OpenLiveWriter/OpenLiveWriter )



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