Add a Crumb Trail to SharePoint 2013


Solution #1: Restore the SharePoint 2010 Navigate Up button

See here: http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2014/06/sharepoint-2013-restoring-2010-navigate.html



Solution 2: Add an always displayed site crumb trail

If you only need a crumb trail to be able to navigate back up to a parent site then we can add a site map control to the master page like this:

<span style="font-size:8pt;">
  <asp:SiteMapPath id="ContentMap2" 
       SkipLinkText="" NodeStyle-CssClass="ms-sitemapdirectional" 

Edit your master page, search for "</h1>" and add the HTML above just below the "</h1>".

The result will look like this:



Solution 3: Add an always displayed site and folder crumb trail

See the link below for a nice solution that reuses the SharePoint:ListSiteMapPath control from the SharePoint 2010 Navigate Up control and reformats it into a single line.


The result looks like this:



  • The author of that article was working with a Publishing feature Design Manager master page and wrapped the control inside of an HTML comment block. (<!--   -->) You will not need this for a non-publishing site master paged edited in SharePoint Designer.
  • The article's sample CSS code needs to be placed inside of a linked CSS file or inside of style tags. <style type="text/css">  ,,,  </style>
  • To get the crumb trail display exactly where I wanted it I added it just after the "</h1>" tag in the master page and added this to the article's CSS:
      .my-breadcrumb {


Other options

Here's a project that adds a folder crumb trail to library web parts using JS Link: SharePoint 2013: Folder Navigation/Breadcrumb
http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/19713.sharepoint-2013-folder-navigationbreadcrumb.aspx and here: http://ranaictiu-technicalblog.blogspot.com/2013/07/sharepoint-2013-folder-navigation-for.html

The only disadvantage to this solution is that you need to make a change to every list/library/view web part.



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