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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati is almost here! In fact… it's tomorrow. I thought I'd do something a little different this time and put out a little teaser on my topic. To be fair though… there's 19 other cool topics planned for Saturday, just click here to see the schedule.  Register NOW!   http://bit.ly/1DAprtv


So a bit about my presentation…

SharePoint 2013 Search Results Customization

Let's start with a problem… Our users can't find a certain kind of document; for example, PowerPoint presentations about our R&D projects. And when they find them, they don't know which ones are highly confidential, and more than once they have shared them with the wrong people.

And then a solution…

  • Create Site Columns for consistent metadata and to support Managed Property searches such as"ResearchGroup=aviation".
  • Configure the search schema to support friendly property names and the ability to search using "<" and ">" on dates and numbers.
  • Create a Content Type to ensure document classification and to collect important metadata.
  • Create a Display Template to add useful information to the search results, and display our Governance policies for R&D documents. ("Warning… confidential content. Do not share!")
  • Create a Result Type to map the Content Type to the Display Template.
  • Create a user friendly and governance friendly search results page.

All in an hour! 


See you there!



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