Upload a File to SharePoint Using PowerShell


A while back I posted an article on downloading files from SharePoint using PowerShell (see here) that generated a few questions about uploading files. So… here's a few uploading scripts. Don't stop here though, there are many other examples on the web. Google/Bing is your friend!


An Upload with Metadata Script

This script not only uploads files, but lets you add metadata.

# Set a few variables
$file = "C:\test\myTestFile.txt"
$TTNwebUrl = "http://server/sites/yoursite"
$library = "Team Documents"
$overWriteExisting = $True #or add new version if versioning enabled

# do a little SharePoint setup
$web = Get-SPWeb $TTNwebUrl
$files = $web.GetFolder($library).Files
$fileNameForLibrary = $file.Substring($file.LastIndexOf("\")+1) 

# read the file
$data = Get-ChildItem $file

# add any needed metadata
$metadata = @{ "Project ID" = "A-200"; "Region" = "North" }

# or if no metadata needed: $metadata = @{}

# do the upload (the following is one line)
$newfile = $files.Add($library + "/" + $fileNameForLibrary, $data.OpenRead(), $metadata, $overWriteExisting)


And if you are a "one liner" PowerShell scripter:

(Get-SPWeb "http://server/sites/yoursite").GetFolder("Team Documents").Files.Add("Team Documents/myTestFile.txt", (Get-ChildItem "C:\test\myTestFile.txt").OpenRead(), $True)

And with metadata:
(Get-SPWeb "http://server/sites/yoursite").GetFolder("Team Documents").Files.Add("Team Documents/myTestFile.txt", (Get-ChildItem "C:\test\myTestFile.txt").OpenRead(), @{ "Project ID" = "A-200"; "Region" = "North" }, $True)


Upload an Attachment with a New List Item

I generally recommend linking from a list item to a file in a library, but if you want to add attachments to a list item, here's a sample script:

# Set a few variables
  $TTNweb = Get-SPWeb "http://yourServer/sites/yourSite";
  $list = $TTNweb.lists["yourListName"];
  $filePath = "C:\SampleDocs\yourSampleFile.JPG";

# Create a new list item:
  $item = $list.items.Add(); 
  $item["Title"] = "Test Title";
  # set any addition metadata 

# Upload the file:
  $bytes = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($filePath);
  $item.Attachments.Add([System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($filePath), $bytes);



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