SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati… Boo!

If you don't put this in your calendar right now… ScarePoint Saturday is going to sneak right past you!


SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati is a FREE one day conference. The event is open to the public and is your FREE chance to immerse yourself in the SharePoint platform! Saturday October 10th , 2015 8am-6pm.

FREE one day event

Come learn from the
SharePoint EXPERTS

Register Online http://bit.ly/1DAprtv

Sponsor Raffle & Prizes following

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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati is dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local SharePoint community. SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati draws upon the expertise of local and international SharePoint IT professionals, business experts, developers, architects, and users who donate their time to share real world experiences, lessons learned, best practices and general knowledge with fellow SharePoint enthusiasts.

Speakers: Ajay Iyer, Bill Crider, Brian T. Jackett, Chris McNulty, Daniel Glenn, Gina Montgomery, Heather Newman, Ivan Sanders, JD Wade, John Ramminger, Liz Sundet, Mark Rackley, Michelle Caldwell, Mike Smith, Patrick Tucker, Paul Stork, Ricardo Wilkins, Robert Bogue, Roger Sears, Ryan Dennis, Scott Brewster, Sean McDonough, Seb Matthews, Shila Nagarsenker, Simeon Cathey, Toby McGrail

11355 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246
October 10th , 2015 8am-6pm


A big THANK YOU to all our Sponsors. Without you this event would not be possible.





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