Cincinnati PowerShell User Group Meeting this week!

Info. and RSVP here: http://meetu.ps/2JkRsx

The PowerShell User Group is back! (But the future is up to you!)

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Sponsor:  SAPIEN Technologies
is supplying the food!
Ed Wilson "The Scripting Guy" from Microsoft will be here to help us (re)kickoff the PowerShell User Group. If you would like to see future meetings, place your vote by showing up for this meeting!
Wednesday, June 3rd 6:30 PM at MAX Technical Training. (Food and networking starts at 6:00!)

Speaker: Ed Wilson "The Scripting Guy"
Title: Garbage in, Garbage out: Data grooming with Windows PowerShell
Everyone has heard the old adage, "garbage in, garbage out" when talking about databases, or other online data storage / retrieval systems. But do you know that Windows PowerShell can help you with your problem? In this session, Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson talks about using Windows PowerShell to perform data grooming. He shows how cleaning up names, street addresses, cities, states, and even zip codes by using basic string manipulation techniques. By focusing directly on the data transformation itself, he extracts principles that can be used regards of the database, or other data storage system. After focusing on the individual components of the process, he puts the whole thing into a single script for transforming the sample data. This session is heavy with live demonstration.

Ed Wilson is the Microsoft Scripting Guy, and writes the daily Hey Scripting Guy blog. He is the co-founder of PowerShell Saturday, and the Charlotte PowerShell User Group. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, user groups and other places where groups of computer people may be found. He has written books about every version of Windows PowerShell, as well as other books related to automation and operating systems.  His most recent book is Windows PowerShell Best Practices.


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