SharePoint 2013 Asset Library Secrets and Wierdness!


Asset Libraries are… weird. When you just upload videos using only the Upload button, and just view the videos, then all is good. But if you want the link to the video file, or you upload without the Upload button, or you want to search for all videos, then weirdness happens! Especially in Office 365 / SharePoint Online.

In this article:
  • Finding the URL to an Asset library video.
  • Two Three ways to upload a video, with TWO THREE different results!
  • Searching Asset Libraries.

Finding the URL to an Asset library video

The Asset library does a pretty good job of hiding the full URL to a video file. A "video asset" item is actually a folder. The folder contains the video and supporting files like preview thumbnails.

So, if you upload a video named butterfly.wmv to http://yourSite/sites/demo/Assets the path to the video would be http://yourSite/sites/demo/Assets/butterfly/butterfly.wmv. If you changed the Name property while uploading the file to "Pretty bugs" the URL would then be http://yourSite/sites/demo/Assets/Pretty%20Bugs/butterfly.wmv.