SharePoint Cincy - Let the SharePoint Search Genie Out of the Bottle!


Search Genie?

OK, that's a bit of a corny title, and a bit of a deception. My SharePoint Cincy presentation is really about the powerful things you can do with SharePoint 2013's search feature set… if you only had a Search Administrator.

SharePoint Cincy!

If you've been to one of my governance classes or presentations then you have heard me lecture, practically preach, on why you need a Search Administrator. It's an easy job, only an hour or two a week, but it's also one of the most important jobs in the ongoing operation of SharePoint. Attend my presentation and meet the Genie!

SharePoint Cincy is this Friday! There's still time to register!


Oh, and there's another 21 sessions you might want to attend, and a lot of networking to do. See you Friday!


Let the SharePoint Search Genie Out of the Bottle!

Mike Smith

MAX Technical Training - MVP

What’s the single most important thing you can do to make SharePoint 2013, on premises or in the cloud, work for your users? Make stuff easy to find! Some say that SharePoint search is easy. Just install it and let it do its thing, and in Office 365 you don’t even have to install it. But… your users can’t find anything, or they find thousands of unwanted things. They don’t know where to look, they can’t spell your CEO’s name, they can’t find their own expense report and they can’t even find the lunch menu! There’s a powerful genie hiding in search who can find what your users are searching for. All it needs is an Administrator to turn it loose! So let’s let the search genie out of the bottle and discover the power of SharePoint 2013 Search Administration.


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