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More changes in Office 365 / SharePoint Online…

The Welcome menu has changed again

In SharePoint 2007 the menu for user options was called the Welcome menu and displayed the word "Welcome" follow by the user's name. In SharePoint 2010 word "Welcome" disappeared and only the user's name was displayed. (The help desk would ask the user to "click on your name".) SharePoint 2013 was the same as 2010, until recently. Now there is a picture of the user, or just a generic icon. ("Will the help desk now have to say "click your face"?)

To make room for the "face" they had to double the height of the Suite Bar. Hope this did not mess up your branding…


Also note the addition of Tasks. This does not take you to your SharePoint task list, it takes you to Outlook. While you are here, note the behavior of the Suite Bar when then browser is resized. Menu items disappear and are now available from the "…" menu:



No Tags and Notes for You

SharePoint Online will not support the Tags and Notes social tagging features after November 1st. Recommended replacement??? Yammer!  (I have no idea how to tag a document in a SharePoint library from within Yammer…)

You can download your existing tags and notes into a CSV file, but I have no idea what you can do with them!

The following is from this support article: https://support.office.com/Article/77851bd5-6d5e-42fe-9bf6-d7c17eeb771f

Item Description of change
Tags & Notes button on ribbon Still visible but disabled.
Note Board and Tag Cloud web parts in the web part gallery Still visible and enabled. The web parts will show up as blank when added to a page.
Note Board and Tag Cloud web parts embedded in a page Page will display a blank space in the area previously occupied by the web parts. Edit the page to remove the web parts.
Social tags Social tags will no longer appear in the tags refiner. The refiner will still display hashtags.
Tags and notes listed on personal sites The area that previously listed tags and notes will be blank.


Office On Demand no more…

Many users never found Office on Demand. It is a link on the user's OneDrive site that does a just in time install of an Office product and runs it as an ActiveX control. This was a handy way of using Office 2013 on a PC with an older version of Office without impacting the old install. Office on Demand can no longer be demanded ( Smile ) after November 1st.

More info and options here: http://community.office365.com/en-us/f/172/t/259931.aspx



Ready, Shoot, Aim!




Bart Vermeersch said...

Hello Mike,

I'm interested to known where you got the info about the Note Board embedded in a page. The link to the support site you mention is not working (anymore). Thanks!

Mike Smith said...


That link still works for me. Here it is again:



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