Is VB.Net dead?


Just a random thought at the start of a new year… Is VB.Net dead? Deprecated? Just not interesting to Microsoft Learning?

It seems the newer 204** series Microsoft MOC classes only cover C# (and JS / HTML5). I've also been reading that C# is the only language option in most of the newer certification exams.

On the other hand, it looks like Visual Studio is still treating VB as an equal to C#. There are no new VB and C# language features in VS 2013, but VB is still there. The VB team blog says "We are actively working on the next versions of Visual Basic and C#" (*).

What about VBScript? As of Internet Explorer 11, VBScript is considered deprecated. (MSDN article)

This will be entertaining to watch as many of my web and SharePoint class attendees are still working in VB shops!


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