Weird problem with SharePoint Designer workflows and Office 365


I wanted to add a quick little workflow to a SharePoint Online / Office 365 (2010) site using SharePoint Designer 2010. When adding the workflow all I got was a blank screen.

My steps:

  • Open SPD 2010 and open the Online (2010) site
  • Click Workflows, click new List Workflow, select my list, enter a title and description, click OK
  • and…  nothing… no workflow editor, no error message, just a blank workflow list


Note that this was a SharePoint Online 2010 site, not a 2013 site.

The fix?

Create the workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013! SPD2013 can create both 2010 and 2013 style workflows, but when used with a 2010 site it can only create 2010 style workflows.

Here's the KB:

You have problems with workflows or receive errors in SharePoint Designer 2010


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