SharePoint 2013 First Looks for ITPros and Developers


I will be presenting two FREE First Look clinics this Friday at MAX Technical Training. You can attend these sessions in person at MAX's Mason, Ohio training center or remotely using your PC.

Just for fun, when registering… add a note that "Mike sent me!"  (Or maybe… "Attending in spite of Mike")


MS-40027 First Look: What's New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

More info here: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=43826

This 1/2 day instructor-led developer first-look course provides an overview of the new features, functional areas, product enhancements, and application models in SharePoint 13.

At Course Completion

  • Provide an overview of the new features, functional areas, and product enhancements in SharePoint 2013.
  • Summarize the key features of the SharePoint 2013 application development platform and describe the key features of Marketplaces.
  • Explain what a SharePoint-Hosted app is, and describe how to build a SharePoint-Hosted app.
  • Explain what a Cloud-Hosted app is, and describe how to build a Cloud-Hosted app.
  • Describe how developers extend Office Application user interfaces by creating Apps for Office and publishing them in different catalogs.
  • Describe how to create and code a simple App for Office that interacts with document content.
  • Describe improvements in Manage Metadata Services, Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013.
  • Describe the new social networking functionality available to SharePoint 2013 App developers.
  • Describe how the new capabilities of the SharePoint Search engine can be used in SharePoint Apps.
  • Describe how to query the index from a SharePoint-Hosted app using CSOM.


MS-40028 First Look Clinic: What’s New for IT Professionals in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

More info here: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=44107

This 1/2 day instructor-led first-look clinic explains the new and improved product features as applicable to IT Professionals and how to install, deploy, manage, and administer SharePoint Server 2013. It also provides information on how to integrate SharePoint Server 2013 with key applications and how to maintain and troubleshoot SharePoint Server 2013.

At course completion:

  • Identify the major new features in SharePoint 2013 for IT Pros
  • Discuss the major architectural changes in SharePoint 2013
  • Describe the major changes to the BCS and the search service
  • Describe the new BI and composites features in SharePoint 2013
  • Describe the new content management and compliance features
  • Identify the new features for social computing and mobile users


See ya Friday!



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