Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Lightning Rounds!


6:00 PM 9/6/2012 at MAX Technical Training


Lightning Rounds (You can be a speaker too!)

The Cincinnati SPUG September meeting will feature what we call a Lightning Round session where each presenter will have 5 to 15 minutes to present on anything related to SharePoint. We do this just for fun, and as a great way to get people with SharePoint expertise to start speaking at SharePoint events. PowerPoints are optional, five slides or less and just talk about something cool you've done with SharePoint. (We stole the idea from the Columbus SPUG and the Dayton SPUG stole it from us!)

If you are in the Cincinnati area, and would like to try your hand at speaking, let me know. (Post a message below with your email and I'll get back to you. Your reply and email will not be displayed.)

All SharePoint nuts are welcome to attend, even if you are not speaking.

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