Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Lightning Round in February!


The Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM at MAX Technical Training in Mason, Ohio (directions). The next meeting is 2/2/2012.


Lighting Round!

February  is our "Lighting Round" meeting where everyone is welcome to submit a proposal to speak for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. These have been a lot of fun in the past and no matter your interest in SharePoint, there will be something interesting!  (Think “SharePoint Saturday in 90 minutes”)

If you have never spoken at a SharePoint user group meeting before, this is just about the easiest way to get started. Pick your favorite aspect of SharePoint, or the latest cool SharePoint related thing you have done, and tell us about it. You don't even need slides, and if you do create slides, you probably won't need more than five or so. Keep it short, keep it interesting and have fun! (And when you are done, you can put "User group speaker" on your resume and be well on your way to SharePoint Saturday fame!)

We are looking for topics like these:

  • administrator
  • developer
  • best practices
  • worst practices / war stories / don’t try this at home
  • end user
  • site owner
  • customization tricks
  • SharePoint Online / Office 365
  • SharePoint for small groups and / or non-profits
  • or anything interesting about SharePoint!

But… no sales pitches!


To get the ball rolling I will start us out with this little presentation...

How to Give Back to the SharePoint Community with a Blog and the MSDN Forums
In 10 minutes we will create a blog site, do a little customization, setup an automatic Twitter feed and configure Google Analytics so you will know if anyone is reading your blog.
In the next 5 minutes we will setup an MSDN Forums account and start answering questions!


Now it’s your turn!


Send us a one paragraph topic proposal and your estimate of presentation length. If you don’t know how to reach me or someone in the user group then just post a reply to this article with your email address and I’ll get back to you. Don’t worry about your email address as I will keep your reply unpublished and private.




p.s. If there’s anyone reading this from “vendor land” and you would like to make a door prize donation to the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group, or even sponsor a meeting, please contact me.



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