The SharePoint 2010 Information Work VHD has been updated


Updated SharePoint Evaluation VHD


Last week in a SharePoint class I did a web search to show the class where they could download the SharePoint 2010 Information Worker evaluation virtual disk image. All I got was the “bad link” page at Microsoft. Turns out Microsoft was just releasing an updated image! Here’s the current URL:


(Be sure to read the notes at the end about the 180 day expire and the “re-arm” steps.)


There used to be two server images:

   A – SharePoint and all of the goodies like Office, SharePoint Designer, FAST search, etc

   B – Exchange Server 2010  (with over 200 demo users!)

Now there’s a third image:

   C – Lync Server 2010

Looks like there about 27 GB there if you down load everything! It’s about 16 GB if you just download the A image.


Everything has been updated to the latest service packs:

  Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  Office SP1
  SharePoint SP1's
  Exchange Server 2010 SP1
  Project Server SP1


So… start downloading!



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Toby said...

just what i was looking for, thanks.

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