Book’s done!


imageI thought I’d write a little book. I had two weeks of vacation time… Take some of the better stuff from the blog, clean it up and polish it, and may be have 250 pages of content…

Now ten months later I have 400 pages of content and enough stuff for a second book. I can’t let go of this thing! I finally did one final pass of edits and uploaded it to the publisher!

So what did I end up with? This:

  • 401 pages
  • 304 screen captures
  • 83,338 words (including sample code)
  • 3879 lines of sample JavaScript, jQuery and CSS
  • 504,721 characters
  • a ridiculous number of hours
  • At least (I have not counted yet) 75 customizations and tricks that will work in WSS, MOSS, SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server. And most should work in Office 365.


Book’s done!

The family is relieved… they have not seen me much at all lately. Work, study, teach and then go write - repeat.

Now I can:

  • take some time off
  • fly some model airplanes
  • take a ride in a Tri-Motor Ford with my sons (did that today!) (may have to go back on Sunday and do it again)
  • start another book……………


Book’s done!

If you like the articles in this blog, then you should really like the book. More tricks and tips. More details on each one. Both 2007 and 2010 versions for almost every example.

You can order it here today: https://www.createspace.com/3471790

Discount! And as you are a reader of my blog, for at least the next 10 days until the end of July you can go to the link above and get a 25% discount by using this code: 77ULP6VH


And on Amazon with free shipping! 




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