Book review: Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010


Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

Author: CA Callahan


Ok, I'm impressed! I own and I have reviewed a lot of SharePoint books over the years. This one is one of the most complete and useful I have found. Usually after I have read or reviewed a book I eventually give it away in one of my classes or at the local user groups. I'm keeping this one!  (Sybex… do you want to send me some copies for the SharePoint user group?)

Who is the book for? A quick look at the TOC would make you think that it is just for administrators as it has chapters on install, configuration and backup, and it really is a book for administrators. But, it's also one of the best books I seen for Site Owners and Power Users! Of the 16 chapters, a good 7 1/2 are ideal for non-administrators, and those chapters as well worth the price of the book. (currently $34.63 at Amazon)

Even if you are an experienced SharePoint administrator, you will find a lot of useful real-world content. You may even get your money's worth from just reading the hundreds of little gray "sidebars" spread though out the book. (I did.)

While the title says “Foundation”, remember Foundation is the foundation of SharePoint Server. There’s almost nothing in this book that does not apply to all versions of SharePoint 2010.

This book is huge! It's just under 1300 pages. There's a Kindle version available if you don't want haul the big book around. (I still like to dog ear, highlight and write in paper books myself.)

If you want to preview it, chapter 1, the TOC and the index are available as PDFs at the publisher's site: www.sybex.com/go/masteringsharepointfoundation2010


I think you might guess I like this book. So much so I'm adding it to the collection of books supplied with my SharePoint 2010 Certification Boot Camp for Administrators class.



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