SharePoint Datasheet View vs. 64 bit Office


If you try to use the SharePoint Datasheet view and get this error:

The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A datasheet component compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is not installed.
  • Your Web browser does not support ActiveX controls.
  • A component is not properly configured for 32-bit or 64-bit support.

then you may have 64 bit Office (or any one 64 bit Office application such as Excel) installed!


Or… you may be using the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer!


Here is the Microsoft article that recommends not using Office 64 bit for most users:


I’ll summarize… “If you want any Office integration with anything else… don’t install 64 bit Office!


If you must use 64 bit Office and still want SharePoint and other things to still work… and you are willing to live with and issue or two…




For most other datasheet errors just check the online help:


Status bar displays 'Read-only' or 'This view is read-only'

The selected cell, column, row, or the entire view is read-only. You cannot edit a cell, column, or row that is marked read-only. If the entire view is read-only, you cannot edit any portion of the view.

Portions of a view, or an entire view, might be read-only due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Certain columns, such as Created By and Modified, are always read-only. Values for these columns are entered automatically.
  • The changes you made to the selected row or column have been submitted to the server. If there is no conflict or error, you will be able to edit the row or column after the changes have been saved.
  • There is an unresolved conflict or error in the selected row or column. Resolve the conflict or error before attempting to edit the selected row or column.
  • The list is set up to require content approval, and you are viewing the list in the All Items view.
  • In the My Submissions view of a list that requires content approval, the Approval Status and Comment column are read-only. Only a user with Manage Lists right can edit these two columns.
  • Attachments are read-only in a list that requires content approval. You cannot view or edit attachments in any of the views.
  • The document in the current row has been checked out by a user. You cannot edit the columns in the row until the user checks the document in.
  • You do not have permission to edit the column or row. Contact the list author for more information.



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