SharePoint 2010: Color Coded Calendars (updated!)


As I’m working on my customization book I am revisiting every one of my past “quick tips”. As I do so I am often finding a better way to do something. I ran into some issues working around the asynchronous loading of calendar events with the article below. After digging more into the code behind the calendar pages in 2010 I have found a much better way to trigger the color coding code, which fixed a few other issues along the way. 


The original article, with the updates is here: http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2010/06/sharepoint-2010-color-coded-calendars.html


(An article may be written and published, but seems it is never finished!)



Pris said...

Hi Mike, Good day to you! I have some questions on SharePoint 2007 and hope you can offer me your valuable advice. I am wondering if it is possible to include a legend for the color coded calendars to show what the colors represents?
Also, is it possible to include a legend in a calendar to explain the abbreviations used in the calendar?
Last but not least, can notes be inserted under each month of a calendar to share important information of the dates on the calendar?
Hope to hear from you soon, thank you!

Mike Smith said...


Sure. Just add a Content Editor Web Part to the calendar view page (see here about one issue) or edit the page in SharePoint Designer 2010.


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