SharePoint 2010 Internet Site Upgrade Watch Out!


I was just updating the list of regional SharePoint User Groups on the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group web site. I did a web search for each group, and then clicked the link…

Many of the user group web sites looked to be inactive!

But most likely they had updated from a SharePoint 2007 Team Site to SharePoint 2010 Team Site.


SharePoint 2010 Team Sites have two home pages!


In SharePoint 2007 Team Sites had a single home page named default.aspx. In 2010 Team Sites have a new home page named Home.aspx that is stored in the SitePages library. But… there is still a default.aspx page in the root of the site.

If you started out with a 2007 site then the search engines indexed your site as http://yourURL/default.aspx. The same is true for most people who bookmarked your site or linked to it from their site or blog. When you upgraded to 2010 your new home page is http://yourURL/sitepages/home.aspx, but most of the links pointing to your site point to /default.aspx.


Fix it


There are a number of ways to fix this…

  • Add a message to the default.aspx file (using a Content Editor Web Part) that the URL has changed, and please update your links.
  • Add some JavaScript to the default.aspx file (using a Content Editor Web Part or SharePoint Designer) that auto redirects to the new home page.


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