Cool tool! Disk2vhd


A few weeks ago my laptop had to go back for service.  I needed to back it up, but I also needed to keep working with everything installed on that laptop. Windows Sysinternals to the rescue. A tool named Disk2vhd does just what it’s name implies, it copies a disk to a VHD. Not only that, but it copies a live, in use, disk to a VHD.  I downloaded Disk2vhd, fired it up and copied my laptop’s drive C: to a VHD on my server. I made a 2nd copy on the server as a backup, then opened the VHD in Hyper-V. I had a running clone of my laptop!  I was able to continue working, minus portability, on my “laptop” while it was physically away being repaired.

Pretty cool!


Download it here:




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